Camp Kesem provides support to the
often overlooked population of children
touched by a parent’s cancer.

Your financial support and sponsorship helps us provide:

  • Free Summer Camps: Camp Kesem provides a network of over 70 free college-student run summer camps for children touched by a parent’s cancer. Camps provide a unique, compassionate environment built on peer-based support, allowing kids to just be kids, restore confidence, and provide them tools for navigating through life.
  • Year-round Support: Throughout the academic year, Camp Kesem nurtures a year-round, life-long community of support through additional direct services and partner collaboration.
  • Leadership Development: Program Directors train over 2,000 college students year-round, forging a close-knit group of service-oriented young leaders. Students learn and put into practice important professional and life skills, including budgeting, fundraising, problem-solving, communication, and team-building.
  • Civic Engagement: Camp Kesem engages a broad alliance of alumni, community leaders and camper families to build awareness for this population and their unique needs, through advisory boards, the Camp Kesem Alumni Association and our Board of Directors.

The Need:

More than 3 million children have a parent with cancer, or have lost a parent to cancer. Camp Kesem is the only national organization dedicated to serving the unique needs of this often-overlooked population. Our vision is to ensure that every child touched by a parent’s cancer is never alone.